Animal Intelligence

Humans have long believed they are the masters of the earth, because they are regarded as being the smartest.

However, there are certain animals that are not given enough credit for their intelligence, and while they may never be rocket scientists they most certainly aren’t stupid.

Besides, when you take a look at how we humans behave, towards each other and towards the nature, sometimes you cannot help wonder whether our intelligence is somewhat overrated?


Annoying and often considered vermin, the pigeon doesn’t have the greatest reputation among humans.
However, the common pigeon is seriously misunderstood and is actually impressively intelligent.
Not only do pigeons remember dozen of routes to find their way to familiar places, they can also recognize their faces in the mirror.
The pigeon’s memory doesn’t stop there however, as they can also remember hundreds of photographs and images.

Animal intelligence wood pigeon


For reasons unknown, pigs have long been thought of as unintelligent but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Known for their social skills, pigs are not only friendly animals but they are easy to train too.

Unbelievably, scientists from an American university managed to train a group of pigs to play video games. Something that had only previously been achieved with primates and the pig study saw better results.
Pigs also have something of a memory in comparison to other animals, and can remember their own name.
Like humans, pigs can dream while asleep at night.



It probably isn’t too surprising that parrots have made their way into a most intelligent animal list, as they are widely known for being smart.
Known for mimicking the words of humans, not many people know they also understand the meanings of words too.
A study surrounding the Cacadu parrot found that these stunning birds can remember 90% of what they are told, including full sentences and even parts of songs.

animal intelligence parrots


Man’s best friends are also known for their intelligence, although many dog owners never realize just how smart their pet really is.
A dog will recognize the face of his owner, as well as other people he has frequent contact with, he will also recognize names.

Dogs like to watch television and listen to music and can remember their favorite tunes and programs. Dogs also have human-like feelings, often being very sensitive and can feel jealousy and love.
A dog has a very long memory and will never forget the face of a person who hurts or upsets him or people he loves.

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golden retriever


Besides, when you take a look at how we humans behave, towards each other and towards the nature, sometimes you cannot help wonder whether our intelligence is somewhat overrated?
The octopus certainly won’t be winning any prizes for being the best looking animal in the world but it is certainly among the smartest.
In fact, the octopus is one of the smartest marine animals in the world; although marine biologists and scientists alike struggle to properly understand them.

Studies concerning octopi and their intelligence are ongoing all the time but it has been discovered that these animals have a seriously sophisticated navigation system in their brains. This internal sat nav-like system helps the octopi navigate complex mazes, as well as stay one tentacle ahead of any opportunist predators.
Even more surprisingly, is the fact octopi have been known to solve problems and play together, they also have an impressive short-term memory.

You can find a lot more information about the octopus and great pictures on this page.



Despite the fact they are classed as vermin and carry more bacteria and diseases than any other pest, the rat is well respected in certain areas of the world including China.

Also ranking highly in top pet lists, rats are more intelligent than they are given credit for. Rats are a favorite in research and testing labs, where they have been known to follow routes, jump through hoops and respond to certain smells.

A 2011 study in Canada saw some of the world’s top scientists come together to build a special rat maze, designed to test a rat’s critical thinking skills and whether the animal could escape.
The test, originally planned for 3 days, was over in just minutes, when the rat cleverly mastered an effective escape route and beat some of the greatest scientific minds known to man.

Pet rat


Scientists recently released a list of the world’s most intelligent animals, compiled from hundreds of studies carried out around the world.

The friendly dolphin currently sits proudly in third place and it is thought the dolphin is the smartest marine animal in the world.
Known for being sociable, dolphins communicate each other with their own special language.
This communication helps them trace relatives and other dolphins in their group up to six miles away. This complex language baffles scientists, who struggle to understand it. In fact, a dolphin has such significant brain power it stops them from sleeping.
Dolphins play with each other and also have feelings, such as love and anger.

dolphins playing


Along with chimpanzees and other species of primates, the gorilla is the most intelligent animal in the world.
The gorilla also bears the closest resemblance to humans.

Gorillas and other primates use a special sign language to communicate with each other; however they are also able to use standard sign language to communicate with humans.
The gorillas can remember people, names, places, as well as remembering how to do certain tasks and puzzles.

Not only do they use tools, they can also make them too and are believed to have impressive problem-solving skills. Gorillas and chimpanzees also form attachments, that is bonds with animals and people that they meet.


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